About Us

Our Dilemma

You think of yourself as a human being searching for a spiritual awakening, when in fact you are a spiritual being attempting to cope with a human awakening.
Seeing yourself from the perspective of God's Spirit within will help you remember who you are and what you were created to do.
Be awakened by the renewing of your mind ~ Romans 12:2

What Is Christian Family Counseling?

Many of us live far below the abundant life that Jesus came to bring us.  A lot of times we experience emotional trauma, low self esteem, emotional and/ or physical abandonment that takes control of our lives when we are young but  in our mind keeps us bound unknowingly well into our adult lives

Although Christ took the stripes so that we might be healed, miraculous instant healings are not often the norm. Most people have to walk out their healing. Physical wounds heal much quicker than the woundings of the heart & soul. These wounds appear to be hidden but surface in the form of negative feelings, thoughts and  behavior patterns. For all of us this can be crippling for life. There is hope.

Through prayer, counseling, and teaching you can be whole and live the abundant life that is referred to in John 10:10 “Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly”

How does it work?

A counselor facilitates the session and asks questions to help you recognize destructive behaviors and thought patterns and the roots that cause them. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the application of biblical principles, Jesus  brings truth to replace the lies that you have come to believe. Healing then begins to take place.

All staff counselors are Christians from various backgrounds who have been trained through the Elijah House School for Christian counseling, Healing the Wounded Heart counseling ministry along with other Biblically based counseling ministries.

*Counselors are trained but not state licensed, nor do they diagnose conditions, or prescribe medications.

Jeannie Ramsey, Counselor

Jeannie has her degree in Christian Education from Calvary Bible Institute. She has been trained in both the Elijah House Christian Family Counseling and Healing the Wounded Heart. She has had many years experience working with and counseling adolescent girls through her work as Founder and Director of Eagles' Wings Educational Girls Home. www.eagleswingsgirls.org

Chris Ramsey, Senior Counselor

Chris has been trained in the Elijah House Christian Family Counseling, Healing the Wounded Heart and Straight 2 the Heart Counseling. Chris also has many years of experience in psychotherapy and as such brings a wealth of understanding and knowledge into the depths of the wounded. Chris is an active board member of Eagles' Wings Educational Girls Home and is the Director of Field Operations/counselor for Eagles' Wings. www.eagleswingsgirls.org 


Having experienced trauma and brokenness in his own life it took many years of study and going through his own counseling before an understanding of the human delima became crystal clear. Our creator is the only way to become whole once broken. And to one degree or another we are all broken. Chris wanted to see people healed in months instead of years and believes that the spiritual side of man properly aligned with the renewing of the mind can do just that. Our success rate has been very promising. 

Everyone Has A Story To Tell -- This Is But A Small Piece Of My Story Which God Redeemed Me From.